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3001 W Memorial Dr
Janesville, WI  53548
(608) 757-0710


One Vendor

Less Complexity


Infrastructure solutions customized to your specific business needs

Our highly skilled team will set up, manage and maintenance all of your infrastructure needs in an efficient and cost-effective way. We have developed products normally meant for large corporations, and turned them into small business solutions without the corporate costs.  


Software solutions designed to simplify your operations

We offer a number of software solutions geared toward helping your business achieve optimum efficiency. Our expert team of programmers have excellent business management knowledge as well, giving them the perfect balance of knowledge to understand what will benefit your organization. From building you a data-driven web application to performing database administration, we implement the solutions that best fit your business.

In addition to our custom software solutions, we are the developers of several major standard solutions that include:


A perfect blend of IT and business management expertise that will give your organization knowledge, direction and insight into all matters related to IT

Consulting is an important piece of what we do, it’s even in our name. We hire highly skilled staff with a blend of IT and business operations knowledge so they are equipped to assist your organization with any and all IT-related needs. Whether you’re looking to hire a new IT employee or need help with IT department reorganization, we can ensure you make the best decisions for your IT and your organization.


Our cloud solutions are designed to alleivate the unnecessary expenses and hassle caused by hosting your own IT solutions.   We can give you more time to focus on running your business by hosting costly and complicated servers, telecommunications, email, and more.  We protect your data and leave your mind at ease.

Unlike our competition, we do not outsource ANY of our cloud offerings.  Everything is stored and managed in-house so we can guarantee performance and reliability, as well as the security of your data.

Our cloud offerings include:


Spam Filtering

Cloud Backup

File Storage

Application Hosting

Skype for Business


About Us

We provide all of the IT products and services your business needs in order to operate efficiently and stay competitive.  From hardware sales, infrastructure services, and cloud solutions to software and consulting, we are your one-stop-shop for IT business needs.  Our team of IT professionals are the best in their areas of expertise, and are ready to provide your business with the best service possible.  Dealing with multiple IT vendors will leave holes in your IT environment that create problems.  With Crystal, we can manage all aspects of your IT and eliminate these holes, resolving issues before they reach the end user.   We are IT, and we want to help your business run more efficiently.

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Letter from the President


As information technology services advance to a new age of cloud processing and advanced network management of virtual machines, Crystal Computer Consulting is prepared to provide you with top-notch service. This includes a flexible and high performance computer infrastructure, along with cloud solutions that make sense. 

I founded Crystal Computer Consulting in 1990, with the original mission to build customized business management and accounting packages for small to medium businesses. Soon after, Crystal expanded into the hardware and computer networking business, and since then it has been our mission to effectively manage all aspects of our client's IT needs, regardless of their size and complexity. 

Our current offices are at 3001 W Memorial Drive, in Janesville, Wisconsin. Our Midwest roots and location allow us to effectively serve the hardware needs of customers throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Due to lower costs of living in the Midwest, we are also able to compete very effectively against developers, hosting providers, and remote network support companies that are located elsewhere in the country. 

Today, Crystal Computer Consulting strives to make our client’s businesses more efficient with the use of technology. To this end, we have a broad range of products and solutions designed to be reliable, easy to manage, and cost effective. We have been able to help organizations of all sizes increase productivity by keeping their networks running and offering them cutting edge solutions to meet their ever changing needs. 

The principals to which Crystal Computer Consulting holds fast are a direct result of my life and character. Trust and loyalty are not just antiquated ideas learned in my childhood, but pillars of Crystal’s business philosophy. Honesty and transparency are paramount when dealing internally with employees and externally with customers. These principals define both myself and Crystal Computer Consulting as a company. 

Brian Lippincott